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Why people don’t recycle?

Most people in Australia recycle, and that’s great! So rest assured, this isn’t an article to berate you into recycling. In fact, if you’re reading this you are probably already actively recycling regularly.  But almost everyone can do more. So read on to find out how make some positive changes for our environment and encourage your mates to do the same.


Note: If you’re short on time and just want the moral of the story, please Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

But I do recycle!

Why people don’t recycle? Sure, 91% of Australians report they recycle*. But some of the most damaging waste is perhaps less well known. Electronic waste, for example, such as computers, printers, batteries, and computers, is one of the fastest growing contributors of waste. And it’s particularly damaging because they’re made of toxic materials and don’t break down easily. Plastics also take a long time to biodegrade, so consider if you can repurpose your waste before you dispose of it.

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

I don’t know where

If you’re not already aware, we have some excellent recycling options here in Australia. Curbside recycling is a great start, but many businesses will also recycle your electronic waste, your printer cartridges, or take your old washing machines and fridges, even if they don’t work. Visit Recycling Near You to find a local drop-off point. It does take a little bit of extra effort, but you’ll feel all the better for it.


What about organic waste?

Another often forgotten opportunity is organic waste, which is about half of household waste in Australia*. This waste goes straight to landfill where it produces methane and carbon dioxide, two gases that are major contributors to our changing climates. Instead, consider starting a compost or a worm farm. These days both can easily be done at houses or apartments, and you are rewarded with great soil or nutrients for your plants!

*Source: Composting Fact Sheet

So Why people don’t recycle when all the recycling opportunities simple convenient and within easy reach.

You can start doing your part buy simply purchasing a SINGLE or DOUBLE Recyclit Waste Chute today.

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