Trash Chutes for Apartments

Wastes management and disposal is a bit more complicated in apartment, having to take your bins to the first floor and depositing them in the bins outside the building. With our trash chutes for apartments the entire procedure is way easier to carry out due to the ingenious invention we created to help you manage your wastes in an easy and accessible way that is healthy to the environment as well. With these trash chutes for apartments you can forget about the accumulation of rubbish in your apartment and easily keep your kitchen clean and spotless.

Many people do not consider recycling a suitable option because of how tedious it can be, having to collect all rubbish in different bins, this entire procedure is simplified and reduced to only one step: posting all rubbish through the self-closing flip door that will not allow any bad odour to spread from the inside of the chutes. With our remarkable waste management system that is a practical solution with sleek design you can finally forget about carrying trash bins and emptying them outside, this highly efficient waste management system is designed according to the venturi principle, being provided by vents throughout the entire conduct that allow fresh air to flow inside the chutes and extract all bad odours 24 hours a day.

We understand you want to save time and purchase an item that is highly functional and simplifies a task and which use is easy to explain to your guests. We consider environmental care ae habit that needs to be promoted at home, and our option makes it more accessible to people by providing them with a suitable solution to a real-life issue such as waste accumulation. Our premium trash chutes for apartments revolutionises wastes management in kitchens all over Australia.

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Just Imagine

No more Kitchen tidies No More Garbage bags No more bending lifting or carrying No germs No mess no Fuss!


Recyclit is the Simplest Solution for all your Recycling and Waste Disposal Needs. This Revolutionary New Australian Product makes Kitchen Waste handling a thing of the Past, Simply post all your Recyclables Waste and Compost in the system and Recyclit does the Rest, it couldn’t be easier!! Remember with a Recyclit caring for the Environment really does begins at Home

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