Residential Trash Chute

Knowing how to manage wastes is essential if you want to keep your house or business spotless and totally clean for any clients, guests or just to maintain your kitchen in the most suitable conditions for any daily activities you need to carry out. Purchase a highly effective residential trash chute that takes your rubbish to the recycle bins outside your house without you having to spend time and effort bending, collecting and carrying wastes outside the house by yourself. With Recyclit you only have to post rubbish through the self-closing flip doors and let drop down the chute to its respective place.

Using the venturi principle, we design our residential trash chute with vents all over the conduct so fresh air can flow through it 24 hours a day in order to extract bad odours and prevent the accumulation of germs due to humidity and dirt sticked to the walls of the chute. A relevant benefit of choosing our residential trash chute to manage your wastes at home or in your business is how easy it is to install it, being a work that can be completed by a carpenter, builder or any experienced handyman in a short period of time.

Recyclit is a residential trash chute that was created as a suitable option for businessowners and homeowners who want to simplify the entire wastes disposal and recycle procedure. With our top quality wastes disposal system you do not have to pile up bins in bins liners and run the risks of plague and odours infesting your house. We are the best option for people conscious about the environment who want to adopt the habit of caring for the Earth and the wastes that do so much harm. Get an eco-friendly option that will solve all issues related to wastes disposal in your house or business.

Residential Trash Chute, Kitchen Waste Disposal, Home Recycling System

Just Imagine

No more Kitchen tidies No More Garbage bags No more bending lifting or carrying No germs No mess no Fuss!


Recyclit is the Simplest Solution for all your Recycling and Waste Disposal Needs. This Revolutionary New Australian Product makes Kitchen Waste handling a thing of the Past, Simply post all your Recyclables Waste and Compost in the system and Recyclit does the Rest, it couldn’t be easier!! Remember with a Recyclit caring for the Environment really does begins at Home

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