Double ChuteRecyclit System


Send your rubbish recycling and compost directly to the correct bins with a Double Chute Recyclit system

The Double Recyclit pack contains everything you need to upgrade your kitchen.
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Double Kitchen Waste Chute Recyclit System

Our Double Kitchen Waste Chute option allows the user to dispose of all household waste, recyclable and compost in one Simple step, Recyclit has been designed to be user friendly, time saving, convenient, ergonomic, hygienic and simple to use. All our systems encourage Environmental Best practice with sustainable disposal and sorting of waste, recyclables and compost at the source without leaving the kitchen or using plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, bin liners and kitchen tidy bins. Just Imagine No more arguments about who is going to carry those heavy garbage bags outside to the wheelie bins on cold dark rainy nights.

If used correctly the Recyclit Kitchen Waste Chute can help reduce waste going to Landfill by 80%, Recyclit can now be customized to be used as Laundry chutes or larger bags or connect directly to Worm farms and compost bins, if you’re interested in one of these options speak to one of our consultants to find out if this option will work for you

Eliminate odour germs and bacteria from your kitchen were you eat and prepare food by removing those unsightly kitchen rubbish bins. Save money and Increase valuable storage area in your kitchen by illuminating the need to purchase and build a kitchen bin storage cupboard that would normally be used to store waste and recyclables until disposal

Reduce time and workload by eliminating the need to double handle waste, recyclables and compost. Recyclit was designed with consideration for those with disabilities.

Our ergonomic design minimises injury caused by bending, lifting, twisting and carrying, those heavy dripping Garbage bags and boxes. Recyclit’s components are manufactured from high quality materials. Manufacturing also adheres strictly to worldwide standards and guidelines.

See the Recyclit Double Kitchen Waste Chute option Here

Double Kitchen Waste Chute Recyclit SystemModern Design

Recyclit’s sleek high-grade stainless steel design complements the rest of your kitchen.

Double Kitchen Waste Chute Recyclit SystemHighest Quality

Recyclit is built out of nothing but the best materials and has been engineered to last a lifetime.

Double Kitchen Waste Chute Recyclit SystemSoft Close

Recyclit’s soft close door seals air tight, using pneumatics that have been tested to 50,000 repetitions.

Double Kitchen Waste Chute Recyclit SystemEasy To Install

Recyclit can be retrofitted to your existing kitchen or installed as a part of a new build or renovation.

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