Garbage Disposal System

Recyclit has earned the position as the most reliable and effective solution people looking for a garbage disposal system can find in Australia. Manufactured according to the most demanding standards at international scale and using only premium durable components such as stainless steel, our garbage disposal system is a superior solution that allows recycling and managing wastes in an efficient way that will save time and effort you would otherwise spend collecting all rubbish and taking it to their respective bins. With this highly innovative system you can forget about accumulating rubbish inside the house which is not the most hygienic idea since it can bring plague and bad odours to your place.

We understand that recycling may be a process that takes too much time and effort if you do it the old way, but with Recyclit as your garbage disposal system the only thing you have to do is posting the rubbish through the door and letting it fall to your recycle bins outside the house. The chutes of Recyclit are provided with vents that keep fresh air flowing and extracting all odours that may infest your place when you open the door of the recycle chute.

Our revolutionary garbage disposal system is the opposite to most of these products in the market, it comes with a self-closing flip door that prevents odours from escaping the waste disposal chute if you forget to close the door of the garbage disposal system. Recyclit is the definite solution to keep your kitchen impeccable and ready to be used at any time of the day. The installation process of this innovative addition to your house can be completed by any experience handyman you know in a very short time so you can start using it as soon as possible.

Garbage Disposal System, Waste Disposal System for Business in Australia

Just Imagine

No more Kitchen tidies No More Garbage bags No more bending lifting or carrying No germs No mess no Fuss!


Recyclit is the Simplest Solution for all your Recycling and Waste Disposal Needs. This Revolutionary New Australian Product makes Kitchen Waste handling a thing of the Past, Simply post all your Recyclables Waste and Compost in the system and Recyclit does the Rest, it couldn’t be easier!! Remember with a Recyclit caring for the Environment really does begins at Home

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