What is Recyclit? How does it work

Recyclit is an ingenious Australian invention that helps you keep rubbish and odours out of your kitchen, leaving you with a Clean hygienic and spotless, beautiful kitchen every day. Recyclit bypasses the need for multiple tidies bins and boxes to collect and store waste in your kitchen until disposal. And with that, having to Bend, Lift, Carry, Empty, Clean and reline multiple bins) with an efficient chute system that directly connects your kitchen with your outside wheelie bins. Not only does this significantly cut down the workload involved in keeping your kitchen hygienically clean, it also decreases the chances of germs and pests entering your kitchen, and you will never have to buy bin liners or put up with unsightly smelly overflowing rubbish bins in your kitchen again!


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Importantly, Recyclit has a sleek design and is made of high quality, durable materials

This means that it will both look inconspicuous and modern amongst your other appliances, and that it will stand the test of time. Indeed, Recyclit is built out of nothing but the best materials and was engineered to last a lifetime. The door has hydraulic soft close hinges that were tested 50,000 times to ensure perfect functionality, and the materials were chosen based on quality and durability, as well as ease of use and cleaning considerations. We really thought about how to make the Recyclit the best product it can be!

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Recyclit Vs Traditional Precess Features & Benefits

Recyclit keeps your kitchen looking and smelling beautiful!

By keeping rubbish out of the kitchen, it’s never been easier to keep your kitchen looking (and smelling) hygienically clean! Pests and bacteria won’t multiply in your kitchen bin anymore, meaning you also don’t have to spend money (or time) on pest control. This also means that you don’t have to spend time emptying cleaning and relining your bins, and that you won’t have to carry those heavy, dripping, or overfilled rubbish bags through your house to the outside bin.


The Double Door Recyclit System can even take care of your Composting by sending compostable material directly to your Worm Farm!

Recyclit Waste Chute Features & Benefits

Recyclit has a minimal design, with a entry door in the kitchen connected to a chute and connected to the outdoor bin.

So, you simply Post your rubbish through the door and then you don’t have to worry about it anymore! No more steps,
just simply Post your waste, recyclables and compost into the appropriate chutes and you’re done ! We at Recyclit endeavored to make it so simple and easy to do the right thing for the environment, so you can choose from one, two, three or even a four door system, with the latter allowing you to efficiently (and conscientiously) dispose of inorganic waste, recyclables, and organic waste in one simple step.


Whatever your needs, Recyclit Features & Benefits has a solution!!