1. What happens with the smell from the waste in the bins?
    Answer: Recyclit has designed and incorporated a unique odour extraction system in all our systems. The hood that seals the bin has a special seal that restricts insects and fly’s from entering the bin and also allow fresh air to be drawn in and extracted out through venturi vents in the external wall chute keeping your kitchen odour free.
  2. How easy is Recyclit to install in a new home or old home?
    Answer: Basically, Recyclit can be installed in either new or existing homes, in a new home it can be positioned in the most convenient spot during the design stage, in an existing home depending on the floor plan Recyclit can be retro fitted with easy to follow instructions by the handyman or trade person.
  3. Will Recyclit work if I have a 2-story home?
    Answer: Recyclit is perfectly suited for multi-story homes because it gives the designer more options for the positioning and installation, i.e. wall mounted S/S flip doors, in cupboard or through bench top down to garage or store room.
  4. How easy is it to clean the system?
    Answer: To avoid the chute becoming dirty we suggest the wet waste is either warped in paper or placed in a 5L biodegradable bag and posted in the chute, if a spill occurs you can simply wipe the spill away and if necessary, you can remove the bin from under the hood and tip hot water with some disinfectant down the chute.
  5. How much does it cost?
    Answer: For as little as $899 exc. GST per system you can enjoy the benefits of separating all your waste at the source in your kitchen and eliminate the need for kitchen tidy bins, bin liners or carrying heavy garbage bags to the curb ever again.
  6. How many chutes can I have?
    Answer: Most people will have 2 systems one for general garbage and another for their recycling, but the unique design of Recyclit allows the user to have as many separate chutes as they wish breaking the waste into multiple categories i.e., recyclables, compost, glass, paper and cardboard etc.
  7. How long is the warranty?
    Answer: Recyclit has a 5year manufactures warranty. We have designed our system to only have 1 moving part and because of this along with the high-quality materials used to make the Recyclit system, we have customers dating back a lot longer than 5years with no issues to date.
  8. What size bins do I need?
    Answer: Recyclit has been designed to work with all council issued standard wheelie bins from 120lt through to 240lt and even 360lt and above if required – just let us know what size your bins are, we’ll make it work.
  9. What kind of home does Recyclit suit?
    Answer: Recyclit can be installed in single wall construction i.e. timber, hardie plank or rendered blue board, brick veneer double brick or stone wall construction.
  10. When is the best time to install Recyclit?
    Answer: Now! But in all seriousness during construction phase of a new home or retro fitted during a kitchen renovation.