Recyclit is Revolutionizing your kitchen, Imagine if you had a beautiful Stainless Steel flip door in your kitchen that could whisk away all of your household waste – like Magic

Recyclit now makes this possible.

Recyclit keeps your kitchen looking and smelling beautiful!

Recyclit waste chute system comes complete with high quality stainless steel self-closing flip doors, angled vented chutes that transport waste and recyclables from in your kitchen to your outside bins, and a multi fit hood system that seals and connects to all your council bins, compost or worm farms.

This waste chute system is odour free and has been designed to extract odours and heat from the receptacles below using the venturi principle that continually draws fresh air in through the systems specially designed seal and extracts the odours out through the vented chute 24hrs a day leaving your system free of odours.

Recyclit Waste Chute in Action

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